2020 Meeting Award Program Promoting Improvements in Muscle Biology

Seminar Enhancement

The Lymn Foundation announces its intention to award three grants of $5,000 each during 2020 to educational and scientific research organizations.

The Lymn Foundation is looking to fund meetings or symposia designed to promote discussions between clinicians and researchers of different disciplines and specialties, such as neurology, physical medicine, biology, biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology, or microbiology, and between applied and basic research. The discussions should focus on furthering the understanding of how muscles are fabricated and work, processes of muscle damage and repair, and treatments for muscle diseases and injuries.


The Lymn Foundation may make grants to a scientific or educational organization organized under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, to enhance a particular scientific meeting or seminar regarding muscle biology. The Foundation will limit its grant of funds to meetings that have already obtained the majority of their funding, show promise of developing cutting-edge advancements in the field of muscle biology, and bring together eminent scientists.

The grant of funds to a meeting will be used solely to enhance a particular aspect of the meeting that shows promise of a new and noteworthy initiative. The Lymn Foundation will determine whether the use of the funds will make a difference in the overall success of the meeting. In selecting a meeting or seminar, the Foundation will look to the meeting description, the aspect of the meeting to be enhanced, the abstracts of the papers to be presented, and the credentials of the presenters.

Application Procedure

Meeting organizers and sponsoring organization must submit a written request to the Foundation.

Applications must include copies of peer reviews of conference grant applications and be submitted at least four months before the scheduled conference. We encourage early inquiries.


The organizers must show evidence of other grant support of the meeting prior to the award of a grant. This may be demonstrated by submitting letters of awards from the National Institutes of Health or similar funding agencies as soon as they are received. Programs to enhance sessions shall feature signs indicating support by the Lymn Foundation.

Please contact us about questions.

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