Lymn Foundation


Dr. Richard Lymn has dedicated his entire career to muscle research. Initially, as a student at the University of Chicago, Dr. Lymn made ground-breaking discoveries. His work was published in major scientific journals.  He continued his research work for several years at the Laboratory of
Molecular Biology, in Cambridge, England, and at the National
Institutes of Health ("NIH").

In 1978, Dr. Lymn left active research to become a health scientist administrator at the NIH, where he created a muscle biology program in 1983. Singularly, as the Director of Muscle Biology, Dr. Lymn developed a program that grew to a budget greater than $70 million. Dr. Lymn detected areas that needed enhancement and implemented initiatives in new fields. Dr. Lymn also set priorities concerning the importance of the type of research needed. Through the regular NIH review mechanism, Dr. Lymn consulted with the peers of grant applicants to determine which individuals would best fulfill the research priorities and initiatives. Dr. Lymn remains active in scientific affairs, though he is no longer with NIH. In addition to his work with the Foundation, he organizes scientific meetings in muscle research, writes scientific papers, and provides advice concerning research, strategic planning and funding.








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