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2019 New Investigator Award Program





Purpose:  The Lymn Foundation announces a grant program to recognize new investigators in muscle biology research.



The Lymn Foundation wishes to recognize significant contributions to research conferences by young investigators. The award to each investigator will be based on presentation of an outstanding poster that provides new insight into understanding biological or disease processes of skeletal muscle. The Lymn Foundation will provide funds for individual awards to be presented to individuals at the meeting.

Young investigators who receive an award must be the first author and present the poster at the meeting. In the case of multiple authors, the sponsor of the work must attest that the young investigator is the principal force involved in the work. Recipients of awards must qualify under the Foundation's definition of a young investigator.

The Foundation will limit support to meetings that have already obtained substantial grant funding, show promise of developing cutting-edge advancements in the field of muscle biology, and bring together eminent scientists. In selecting a conference, the Foundation will evaluate the meeting description and the credentials of the presenters.

In order to further career development of new investigators at the scientific meetings where their work is presented, the Lymn Foundation will consider providing supplemental funds (maximum $1,000) to enhance structured interactions between new and established investigators.

                                APPLICATION PROCEDURE

organizers and sponsoring organization must submit a written request to the Foundation. The application must describe:

1. the purposes and contents of the meeting, including a list of speakers;

2. a proposed agenda;

3. the method and criteria for selection of a committee to choose awardees from the authors of posters displayed at the meeting;

4. the method and criteria the committee will use to judge and select young investigators to be recipients of the award(s); and, if supplemental funds are requested,

5. a detailed description of how an active enhancement of interactions between established and new investigators will be structured.

Applications must include copies of peer reviews of conference grant applications and be submitted at least four months before the scheduled conference. There are three receipt dates for applications in 2019: December 14, 2018, June 29, 2019 or September 10, 2019.


If the Foundation chooses to award money to a particular conference, the conference must comply with the following requirements:

1. money may be used for no more than two Lymn Foundation New Investigator Awards of $550 each for the best posters;

2. There shall be a public presentation of the young investigators who are selected;

3. There shall be an announcement that the awards are given by the Lymn Foundation;

4. A flyer provided by the Lymn Foundation describing the Foundation will be included in the registration materials.

5.  Supplemental funds for meeting support should not be used for individual travel awards; and;

6. Programs to enhance meetings between young and established investigators shall feature signs indicating support by the Lymn Foundation.


The organizers must show evidence of other grant support of the meeting prior to the award of a grant. This may be demonstrated by submitting letters of awards from the National Institutes of Health or similar funding agencies as soon as they are received.



Please contact us about questions.

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